Asian Cuisine : All time favorite

Orange wok asian cuisine

Nutritious food makes the life happy and keeps the tummy healthy. The Asian Cuisine is a collection of different cuisines which makes us to feel good. It includes the cuisine of China, Japan, India, Thailand and Vietnam.  If we take a look at the history of the above countries, we can understand and get to know the customs of eating in those countries.

As the taste of the cuisines are unique, their style of cooking and preparation steps are also differs. Even the cookwares are also differs. Some of the cookwares used in South East Asian Cuisine are Wok, Clay Pot, Steamers, Cleavers, Rice Cookers, Hand Held Blenders or Small Food Processors.

The Wok : It is a most important piece of cooking equipment in South East Asia and China. If you have an idea of trying this region’s cooking, you should get a good wok. A cast iron fry pan will help, but the rounded bottom of the wok gives a wide range of cooking temperature in a pan, which is important in stir frying.

Wok Tools : The very important wok tool is a long handled shovel shaped scoop. It is used for stir frying. Apart from this, wok tools include, a ladle – Used to transfer / serve liquids to and from the wok; a strainer with bamboo basket for taking food from boiling water or stock; a strainer with a steel or brass to take / remove food items from hot oil; a rack which sits beside the wok for draining fried food items; a bamboo whisk brush for cleaning the wok.

Steamers : Big dedicated steamers in stainless steel or aluminium multiple stacking are available. But most of the steamers are made out of bamboo. These steamers are designed to be used in a wok over boiling water. Sometimes used as serving dishes.

Clay Pot : Clay Pots or Hot Pots – Polished on the inside but unpolished on the outside are used for stewing and baking. Like the Wok, these Clay Pots comes with either one handle or two. Also available in different sizes.

Rice Cooker :A rice cooker is worth the investment, if you are cooking rice often. Keep rice and required water in the cooker, plug it in and press the button. Get perfect rice every time.

Most of the restaurants are using the traditional cookwares to get the perfect taste. Some restaurants are experts in preparing the traditional dishes with authentic taste of the cuisine. Orange Wok at Velachery is one among the best to enjoy the Asian Cuisine.


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