The Time for Bubble Tea


For people in Velachery area in Chennai Orange Wok is no stranger. Some remember it for the big portrait of Bruce Lee on its wall. A great value for money restaurant, they don’t compromise on quality or quality.

Located near Phoenix Mall this cozy and cute restaurant has turned out to be a frequent hangout place for many.

Renowned for its Pan – Asian delicacies

The restaurant has gone one step ahead from traditional Asian food and added a wide range of beverages from the Asian menu. The holiday special includes a Taiwanese tea-based drink – Bubble Tea.

Also known as Boba, bubble tea contains fruit shake on top of or mixed with black tea served cold. To this is added, fruit jellies. Ice can be added on request too.

The benefits of bubble tea include all the benefits of tea and the sweetness of fruit juices. It is the perfect thirst quencher and a good way to keep yourself cool.

Orange Wok serves both fruit juice bubble tea and milk-based bubble tea.

The drink goes well with the Asian food served at Orange Wok and is best accompanied with a spicy food menu.

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