Fantastic Asian cuisines with a great value for money

Orange wok asian cuisine

This restaurant is basically located in the Velachery, Chennai at the 100 feet Bypass road and is known for its Chinese and Thai food specialties. The food here is inspired by Asian cuisine and thus as you enter you see this great big picture of the famous Bruce Lee to welcome you in.

The décor and ambiance are very well thought of with pretty carriages for tables and similar creativity employed for other interiors. The lighting is warm and pleasant to the eyes.

Mouth-Watering Delicacies

The food is quite a delight, and every delicacy is a specialty by itself. The hot food will make your mouth water, and the excellent spices will make your eyes water, but in the good sense of it! There is almost every Asian dish here that you can think of, and each one of them is a class apart.

Dessert is ravishing as they serve the sweet delights in such an intelligent way to tickle both your taste buds and your mind.

The staff is warm and friendly, and the service is quick and efficient. They also offer free home delivery and thus on some day when you don’t feel like dragging yourself to the restaurant you could always order your favorite delightful meal from home!

Overall, it is a great place to enjoy and revel in fantastic Asian cuisines with a great value for your money!

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