5 ways to cook prawn


The words prawns and shrimp are used interchangeably in India. Prawns or shrimps are beloved seafood in South India with dishes such as the Chettinad Eral Kuzhambu, Kerala prawn fry, prawn curry, vindaloo, Bengali prawn masala being all-time favorites. Prawns need to be peeled and de-veined before use. Twisting the body of the prawn by holding behind the head removed the shell and legs. This is one way of prepping freshwater prawns. Frozen prawns need to be defrosted before cooking.

Cooking prawns

Prawns are prone to drying out under high flame. Poaching them is one way of keeping their moisture intact. Marinating prawns in a moist batter before cooking them in a microwave is another way. The most popular way to cook prawns is to saute them or fry them on a pan. Here are five more interesting ways to cook prawn. Eat these with rice or as an appetizer:

1. Prawn Curry


Nothing matches a cup of warm rice like the prawn curry made of coconut milk, 5 cloves of garlic, onions, coriander seeds ground to a fine powder and added to water along with the prawns, and thoroughly boiled.

2. Prawn Pulao


Ginger and garlic prawns rubbed with cardamom, cinnamon, chilli, cinnamon and other ingredients are mixed with rice to make this flavorful prawn pulao.

3. Prawn Balcho


How could a masaledaar dish not feature in this list? Tamarind paste, onions, chilli powder, and a Goan-style cashew based spirit called feni form the base of the Prawn Balcho. Cooked prawns are dropped into this gravy and allowed to boil for some time.

4. Koliwada Prawns


A batter made of pepper, chill powder, garlic, carom seeds, lime juice is prepared to dip the prawns in. The wet prawns are now fried in oil until golden-brown.

5. Spicy Prawns With Sweet Dip


Prawns are tossed with onions, vinegar, vegetable stock, and chillis. This dish is an appetizer that is plated and served with a sweetened orange marmalade sauce.

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