Top 5 eating practices to keep in mind while dining with Asian food.

Asian cuisine is widely regarded as one of the most colourful and tastier cuisines even the western side of the world. People appreciate the flavour and the different presentation that goes along with the food served. But there is more to it than the food that has brought upon such a brand to the cuisine. It’s the experience and the methodological flow that goes into it.

Top 5 eating practices to keep in mind while dining with Asian food.

  1. Chopsticks – The first big thing that one might actually notice with Asian cuisine is the new use of chopsticks instead of forks or spoons. Chopsticks are predominantly used in China, Thailand and other South East Asian countries. This iOW_1607_p10.pngs the soul essence or the ultimate experience of enjoying an Asian cuisine.
  1. Rice / Noodles – The Asian cuisine is loaded with rice or noodles. It’s all about Rice and Noodles in a wide variety for appropriate fillings.
  1. Gravy, Semi Gravy – it’s pretty rare to stumble upon an Asian dish that is crisp and hard. The characteristics of the dishes are mostly mushy, gravy, pulpy or liquid (in case of stew). You don’t find much of crispy stuff in the menu of an Asian restaurant. Anything by the name – Manchurian – is Mushy! 
  1. More Vegetables, more meat and more seafood – Asian cuisine is highly influenced with more variety of vegetables, meat and seafood. Capsicum , Spring Onions, Squids and other kind of unconventional meats often fill up the menu. Asians are the largest consumers of Seafood in the world.

  2. Color/Spice/Taste- The Asian foods are characterised by bright colors, Asian spice which do not involve anything other than those originating from the Asian continent and the flavours of rice in every bite. 

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